Still More Stuff I Hate

Gravity: It is the least favorite of the five basic forces. Mostly because Weak Nuclear Force never made my bowling trophy fall off the mantle. Yes, I know gravity is tied to the very fabric of space and time but how long should it be allowed to coast on that? People who don’t think ahead: […]

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Bard to the Bone

[I have tried and tried to find work as a director; but, after years of failure, no one will hire me. I thought the best way to find work would be to produce my own “out-of-the-box” unusual versions of Shakespearean plays…] I directed Hamlet with box turtle cast. Most agreed that the acting was good…as […]

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Double-plus Rand-Thoughts

At work, the LGBT people are having a gay ice-cream social.  When the guy handed me the flier, I thought to myself, “You know, if my granddaddy were alive today, he’d probably be panicking, scratching and clawing at the coffin lid until he suffocated” If everyone who ever died trying to save someone from a […]

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