I’m So So Sorry

I’m sorry I hypnotized your dog into thinking she was a squirrel, but at least you’ve got all the acorns you’ll ever need. I’m sorry I bought you a treadmill without asking first.  I’m also sorry about what I said about your butt, its size and what it looks like when you bend over. I’m […]

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[Another challenge from iScriblr.  Of all the ones I’ve done so far, this one is clearly the most recent] I looked into the mirror this morning and I realized that I had wronged you greatly; in fact, it was the most greatly that I’d ever wronged you… the greatliest wrong of all. And, I’m not […]

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My Apologies!

Platonic Apology: Named after noted Greek philosophy, Platon. Consists of a LOT of explanation and tenuous logic with a few passive aggressive admissions of “guilt” sprinkled in. Historically, this was the first apology ever made; and it was so successful that Socrates was allowed the freedom to drink the poison they gave him voluntarily rather […]

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