How to Get Rid of a Body

[Thanks to Deb’s husband for the idea] Leave it outside of a cadaver warehouse and someone will just assume it fell out of a window somewhere. ◘ Find a construction site where a large cement foundation is being poured and leave the body near the mailbox. ◘ Throw the body into an active volcano. If […]

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My Mystery, Cha Four

By the time Goober Partridge had arrived, the servants were assembled in the library… although the chamber maid couldn’t be completely assembled due to a missing bolt. The body lay just where it had lain after the murder. Someone had covered the body with coasters, however. “What are these?”, Partridge asked, picking up a coaster. […]

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My Mystery, Cha Two

Captain Laffinstock and his patrolman looked over the bloody, torn and remarkably fit body of Snakeford Cadd, laid out in his library. A quick interview with the members of the household and those just outside the house indicated that no one had heard a shot fired; but, there he lay, stabbed twelve times and electrocuted. […]

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