Notable Breeds of Cattle

Black Angus: Also called “The Aberdeen Angus”, or “Angus” or “The Eastern Striped Lemming”. These cattle were bred to survive the bleak Scottish winters and the slightly less bleak Scottish summers. Angus don’t have horns so they solve most disputes through arbitration. They were bred specifically to be processed into meat and eaten, which only […]

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Bison Facts that I Once Herd

The bison is the largest mammal in North America, now that John Goodman has slimmed down. The bison is not a true buffalo. A real buffalo has a larger body and a certificate of authenticity. The Latin term for the American Bison is bovina bison bison. Zoologists wanted to make it bison bison bison to […]

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Thoughts on PANIC

Most of the time that anyone in authority asks people not to panic is just after they’ve told them something sure to evoke panic. The word “panic” is based on the name of the Roman god of wine, Pan. You understand its origins when you note the reactions of a get-together of middle-aged ladies who […]

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Scrambled Eggs: A Rant

Nothing is important; but, it is of utmost importance that we THINK things are important. I know you’re thinking that I just let the cat out of the bag… how could you go through the charade of thinking things were important when you’ve already been told that they aren’t? You would be living a lie […]

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