What I Like About Myself

My superfluous and corrugated vocabulary. My ability to influence people with weak minds to do my bidding.  But please, continue reading… My belly makes a great island for when I play boats in the bathtub.  My naval is a volcanic lake, in case you were wondering. I always know the right thing to have theoretically […]

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Why I Write

  I want to enhance and add beauty to people’s lives. Because I cannot do that, I write instead. I have a strong need to share my deepest and most intimate feelings in words that rhyme with “grape” and “cloud”. I’m sure that I can post my writings on-line and make a fortune from the […]

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A Poem and an Announcement

Another hundred followers and you know what that means:  Another chapter of The Moosehead Stratagem.  Love it or hate it, this is the last chapter I wrote so it will be moot afterwards.  It might be moot, now.  I’ll check the meter…   Holistic Meds and Anti-Vax Dreads Some people prefer to meditate instead of […]

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Early Drafts of Famous Poems

  The Tyger, by William Blake Tiger, tiger burning bright in the forest of the night I think that it was pretty mean to soak his fur in kerosene. ……….. The Purple Cow, by Gilett Burgess I never saw a purple cow though it might be endearing But, if I see one anyhow it’s genetic […]

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