What I Like About Myself

My superfluous and corrugated vocabulary. My ability to influence people with weak minds to do my bidding.  But please, continue reading… My belly makes a great island for when I play boats in the bathtub.  My naval is a volcanic lake, in case you were wondering. I always know the right thing to have theoretically […]

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Why I Write

  I want to enhance and add beauty to people’s lives. Because I cannot do that, I write instead. I have a strong need to share my deepest and most intimate feelings in words that rhyme with “grape” and “cloud”. I’m sure that I can post my writings on-line and make a fortune from the […]

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A Poem and an Announcement

Another hundred followers and you know what that means:  Another chapter of The Moosehead Stratagem.  Love it or hate it, this is the last chapter I wrote so it will be moot afterwards.  It might be moot, now.  I’ll check the meter…   Holistic Meds and Anti-Vax Dreads Some people prefer to meditate instead of […]

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Early Drafts of Famous Poems

  The Tyger, by William Blake Tiger, tiger burning bright in the forest of the night I think that it was pretty mean to soak his fur in kerosene. ……….. The Purple Cow, by Gilett Burgess I never saw a purple cow though it might be endearing But, if I see one anyhow it’s genetic […]

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Three Poems for Sister Sarah

[I write humor during the week, but occasionally some poems leak out of my head and I force those poems on my readers when the weekend rolls around. You may not like this, but it is better than having to look at selfies of my genitals, isn’t it?]   Spy Hard The secret agent Double […]

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