Some Sanguinary Thoughts on Blood

If there was ever something you really want to keep all to yourself, it’s your blood; in fact, your blood being outside your body is a good indicator that something is very wrong. Except menstruation. That’s simply a normal natural phenomena that no one talks about or acknowledges… and is considered unclean by hundreds of […]

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Let’s Go to the Beach!

Sharks: Let’s put it this way: When you go to the movies, you don’t accept that there is a small but very real chance that a bear will bite your legs off while you are in the men’s room. Pretty Young Girls in String Bikinis: The answer to the question, “What do you never see […]

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Things Better Done Drunk

Night Swimming: If the movie Jaws taught us anything it is that drinking and swimming don’t mix… with sharks, anyway. Without sharks, drunk swimming is GREAT. You can just drift off to sleep above or below the waves (your choice). Was it suicide or stupidity? No one knows!!! Golf: Golf goes with alcohol like softball […]

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How to Avoid Shark Attacks

If you are in the water, steer clear of fishermen. If you are not in the water, steer clear of fishermen, anyway. If fish or turtles behave erratically, get out of the water. What is erratic behavior for a turtle? I’d imagine it would be running really really fast or trying to buy liquor without […]

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