Auto Travel Tips

When traveling long distances make frequent stops and take frequent rests. The stops can be at a restaurant or a rest stop. If there isn’t a lot of traffic, one can take a quick nap behind the wheel between exits. Remember, if you dream about having an accident while sleeping behind the wheel, it might […]

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Travlin’ Abroad!

You get a better exchange rate when you use a bank or ATM to convert your American dollars into whatever cheap, colorful and ridiculous currency is being used in the country you are visiting. Make sure you get all necessary vaccinations before traveling to another country.  This means ALL vaccinations because other countries are cesspools […]

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Some Thoughts on Flight

  On my recent trip to Lubbock, my boarding group was ‘9’. Being in Group 9 is like being in that building that they have at the leper colony where they put people they consider beneath them. It’s not just a prestige thing. Nines are last to board. And, just as in running en masse […]

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