Money-Losing Ideas I’ve Had

Rat | Different colored eyes, Albino animals, Animals beautiful

A chain of strip clubs at nudist camps all over the world.

An on-line dating service specifically for people who don’t own computers.

A non-OSHA version of Minecraft where the ceiling caves in at random and no one bothers to look for you.

A line of low-calorie enemas.

Rememberance of Things Past action figures… Including M. Swann’s Malibu Dream House.

Cumin-flavored faucets and shower heads.

Fire-proof feminine hygiene products.

Brown toothpaste.

Nuisance lawsuits filed against violent drug kingpins.

A digital kitchen thermometer that cries out in pain when it gets hot.

Colored contact lenses for rats.

A travel agency service that only plans return trips.

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