Things You Shouldn’t do Naked

GIF cigar put out on him no emotion nu - animated GIF on GIFER - by Jutaxe

Rivergirl posed this question for her supposed readers. I’m taking it more seriously than most…

Give a deep-tissue massage to a snow man.

Hike the trails at Nevada’s Cactus and Stinging Insect State Park.

Start a reasonable and well-thought-out debate on the International Monetary Fund at an outlaw biker bar.

Stroll across the Australian Outback.

Sit in an antique chair or love seat.

Juggle three or more cats.

Go to court to fight an indecent exposure charge.

If you are over forty, DON’T look in a mirror.

Wrestle a porcupine.

Give guided tours of ante bellum mansions in the James River area because, when you got to the end of the tour and asked if there were any questions, the only question most people would have is “why are you naked?”.

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