Alternate Reality: 42 Word Challenge

This is Deb’s bag, but since it is challenging, I’m going to risk debasing myself yet again.

Beyond milkweed: Monarchs face habitat, nectar threats | Cornell ...

Time-traveling in the Jurassic era, I stepped on a butterfly and altered the future. I was worried what I’d come back to; but, in this alternate reality, the butterflies forgave me. It would be a utopia if not for the exploding dogs.



14 thoughts on “Alternate Reality: 42 Word Challenge

    1. Tell me about it. I went back in time, once, and stepped on a butterfly… when I got back, I was in a weird alternate universe where stepping on butterflies didn’t change the timeline at all…

      So, I travel back every month or so and stomp a lot of butterflies until I get it out of my system…


      1. I traveled back in time to improve my life…but I kept marrying the same women in every time. Seems there was no escape for me…ya see, she’s a great cook and that traps me in every Universe…

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      2. I understand. When I play a role-playing game with multiple paths, I always end up playing the same one because that’s what I’d do in real life…


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