Almanac: February 12

The Battle of Herrings was fought on this day in 1429… the medieval conflict with the HILARIOUS name. Supplies were being delivered to the English soldiers that were besieging the walled city of Orleans; but, they were intercepted en route at Rouvray, a settlement with the distinction of being the hardest town for Koreans to […]

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Almanac: February 5th

The Mexican Constitution was adopted on this day in 1917, by a nice New England couple with a big yard and a swing set. The document set up a Mexican Republic with independent executive, judicial and legislative branches, all working together under a loose affiliation of drug cartels and the Monroe Doctrine. William Burroughs was […]

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Almanac: January 29th

On this day in 1907, Charles Curtis became the first registered Native American to become a U. S. Senator, completely nullifying centuries of genocide and broken treaties. Later, he was selected to be vice-president under Herbert Hoover, under whom the stock market crashed and the Great Depression took hold. To inspire people to reelect the […]

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Almanac: January 22nd

New York mad bomber and over achiever George Metesky was arrested on this day in 1957. He planted a couple of bombs before 1942 but then, as a professional courtesy to the Germans and Japanese, took a break from bombing Americans until the war was over. His big beef seemed to be with Con Ed […]

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Almanac: January 15th

Playwright Moliere was born on this day in 1622 in whatever part of Paris it was that people got born in. His full body of work includes tragedies, comedies, farces, tragicomedies, farcitragedies and farcitragedcomedies. His works have been translated into every living language and Visual Basic. When you read Moliere, you will have the unmistakable […]

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