Ingenious Methods of Murder

Sneak into your victim’s home every night and steal all his lemons and oranges and wait for him to die of scurvy. ♣ While your target sleeps, carefully drill a hole in his window, insert a plastic straw and methodically suck all the oxygen out of the room. ♣ Stab him with a knife made […]

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Tips for Police Under Deep Cover

To infiltrate criminals you have to look evil. One way is to stroke a cat while you talk menacingly. If you want to look evil and crazy, stroke a dead cat. ♠ Criminals look for little things that might indicate you are an undercover cop. For example: Introducing yourself as “Officer Loco Killer”. ♠ When […]

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How to Get Away with Murder

It’s best to shoot someone with their own gun so it cannot get traced back to you. If your victim doesn’t have a gun, buy him one. ֎ Don’t burn off your fingerprints with acid, because the police will be looking for someone who burned off his fingerprints with acid and there aren’t very many […]

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