home is where you hang your head

I was born in the house my father built… Every board was nailed in with his own hand. Every roofing tile was lovingly stolen from the construction site next door. Every wire was stripped from an old appliance and spliced together with newspaper and maple syrup. My father, in a space of eleven short years, […]

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I’m NOT Sorry

[Don’t blame me.  Deb and Robyn made me do this one] I’m not sorry I finally screwed up the courage to tell your wealthy aunt what I thought of her. I AM sorry she was on the toilet when I did it… ♥ I’m not sorry I gave you my honest opinion of your latest […]

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I’m Sorry, But…

I’m sorry I terrified a bunch of children by acting like I was violently insane; I truly thought I heard hiccups. ♦ I’m sorry I watched Friday the Thirteenth with your kids but I felt that it was well past time that they learned about eye-gouging. ♦ I’m sorry I made you jealous by paying […]

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It was Never Easy for Me

I had a rough childhood. My family had nothing and had to borrow to get even that. We lived at the dump for years. When people hear this, they always ask the same question: “If you lived at the dump, where did you throw your trash?”. Well, it was Florida, so we threw it beside […]

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