It was Never Easy for Me

I had a rough childhood. My family had nothing and had to borrow to get even that. We lived at the dump for years. When people hear this, they always ask the same question: “If you lived at the dump, where did you throw your trash?”. Well, it was Florida, so we threw it beside […]

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Fond Memories of My Uncle Renny

In my family, Uncle Renny is the entrepreneur… a man unafraid to take risks and also not afraid to avoid them. In this way, he covered all his bases. When I knew him, he was very old; but, years earlier, he had been very young… younger still in the years before that… Uncle Renny arrived […]

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Things Better Done Drunk

Night Swimming: If the movie Jaws taught us anything it is that drinking and swimming don’t mix… with sharks, anyway. Without sharks, drunk swimming is GREAT. You can just drift off to sleep above or below the waves (your choice). Was it suicide or stupidity? No one knows!!! Golf: Golf goes with alcohol like softball […]

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Channeling Rodney Dangerfield

I was an ugly baby… when I was born the nurses put me in an iguana habitat. And, I went to a tough school. It was so tough, they had to use Navy Seals as elementary school teachers; so tough, they bused felons from the state prison to scare them straight. I got beaten up […]

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