I’m NOT Sorry

Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry (Lyrics) 🎵 - YouTube

[Don’t blame me.  Deb and Robyn made me do this one]

I’m not sorry I finally screwed up the courage to tell your wealthy aunt what I thought of her. I AM sorry she was on the toilet when I did it…

I’m not sorry I gave you my honest opinion of your latest poem; I AM sorry that I made fart-noises while you read it.

I’m not sorry that I called the police on the kids who live next door; I AM sorry that I told the police that they were armed drug dealers with dynamite and flame-throwers.

I am not sorry that I called you “too thin”; I AM sorry that I tried to feed you cake while you were asleep.

I’m not sorry for worrying about you when you were two hours late; I AM sorry that I remarried during that period.

I’m not sorry for calling you “flat-chested”; I AM sorry that I wrote an entire novel about how flat-chested you are.

I’m not sorry for telling our children that they didn’t have to listen to you; I AM sorry that they extrapolated and stopped listening to me, as well…

I’m not sorry for saying that your beagle was the ugliest thing I’d ever seen; I AM sorry that your beagle turned out to be your newborn daughter.

I’m not sorry for anything I’ve ever done; I AM sorry that there have been consequences for those things.

I’m not sorry that I corrected your grammar in front of other people; I AM sorry that I used a riding crop on you when I did it…

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