Fax About Foxes

Adorable fennec fox can't stop chasing bubbles - ABC7 New York

Foxes are of the family Canidae and genus Vulpes. Of all the canines in the animal kingdom, foxes can be thrown the furthest…

The smallest species of fox weighs about two pounds… the largest weighs in at twenty pounds. So, if you are estimating postage on mailing a bunch of foxes to someone, for God’s sake, find out what species you are dealing with, first.

Foxes have acute hearing due to their triangular ears which makes them nearly indistinguishable from a sailboat. Here’s an easy tip to tell them apart: If it is being driven by a yachtsman, it is probably a sailboat; if it is driven by a primal need to kill and eat your chickens, it is probably a fox.

Foxes have partially-retractable claws but zoologists refuse to classify them as cats until they catch one walking across someone’s computer keyboard for no other reason than spite.

The Redd Foxx will sometimes fake a heart-attack when danger is near.

The Fennec Fox’s fur is highly prized by indigenous peoples of North Africa; although, not as highly prized as it is by the Fennec Foxes…

Foxes can make up to forty different sounds. If you give one access to a set of bagpipes, forty-one…

Foxes are omnivores and opportunistic feeders. This means that they eat small mammals, insects, carrion and fruit… and also will take credit for any project the two of you worked on together.

Foxes are surprisingly malodorous due to scent glands they use to mark their territory; so, never put one in the dryer with your good sheets.

Biologists know that foxes can sense the direction of magnetic north and use this when they hunt. So, a fox is essentially a compass with rabies…

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