Why You Should Terrorize Moles

[Thanks to Rivergirl for the idea] A non-terrorized mole is a happy mole and a happy mole is a contented mole. Terrorize the moles in your yard or their contented sighs will keep you awake at all hours of the night. ☺ Terrorizing a helpless small blind animal might just win you a Nobel Prize […]

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A Swarm of Locust FAQs

How large are locust swarms? The locust swarms can be up to eighty million locusts in number. To get an idea how large a swarm that is, imagine a single locust; then, imagine eighty million times that. Ṑ How fast can locust swarms move? With a good wind, about twelve mph. If the wind is […]

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Eye Don’t Want Sweat Bees

I read an article about a patient in Taiwan who was having irritation and pain in one eye. The patient, only identified by the family name “He” was a woman… So, yes, He was a she. But, more important than that cheap, but oddly satisfying, joke was what they found in her tear duct: Tiny […]

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