Some biting facts about redback spiders

Redback Spiders : School of Biomedical Sciences

The redback spider or, Latrodectus hasselti, ranges through Australia; moreover, it has managed to spread to New Zealand, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Belgium. They don’t expect it to flourish in Belgium because the redback spider will not eat french fries with mayonnaise.

A redback spider bite is very painful. So, if you want to get bitten by a spider, but you don’t want it to be painful, the redback spider is not recommended.

The female redback will often cannibalize the male after mating. This is such a perfect metaphor for human marriage that entomologists theorize the spiders are trolling us.

A redback spider bites its victim, injects it with a substance that liquifies its insides and slowly consumes it. For the prey, it’s a lot like a gym membership.

The venom of the Redback Spider kills an average of zero people each year, making it the deadliest spider in Australia.

The bite of the male Redback is seldom serious due to its smaller size and the fact that it is usually preoccupied with coming up with excuses not to mate that year.

Early treatments for the bite of l. hasselti include sucking out the venom, tourniquets and cocaine injections. Of course, now they have an antivenom for bites and most people use those… except anti-vaxxers who still insist on horse de-wormer…

In an experiment, some redback spiders were starved at fifty degrees and some were starved at seventy degrees. The ones being starved at a cooler temperature lived longer. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that some scientists really HATE redback spiders.

You can tell a redback spider by the red markings on its abdomen and back; or, you can just yell out, “HEY, REDBACK SPIDER” and see who turns around.

L. hasselti will eat insects, small lizards, snakes and even a mouse, given the chance. Both adult and hatch-ling redbacks will eat other redback spiders after a conflict or just as a light snack. This ties the food chain up into a tidy little bow.

16 thoughts on “Some biting facts about redback spiders

  1. I just yelled, “HEY, REDBACK SPIDER” and no one turned to look at me. That is good to know just in case one made it to my house. I may try this same tactic for all spiders and snakes since I do not have enough horse de-wormer to protect me from all of those possible bites!.

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    1. I yelled out, “HEY, REDBACK SPIDER” once and my whole family turned around. Obviously, that means that they are part of the invasion of spider people. They don’t know that I know so… shhhhh!

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    1. In all fairness, most Australians are slightly venomous so a rain of spiders is no big deal. I’ll check out your post on the rain of spiders, hoping that you didn’t mean “reign”…

      BTW, I’m a Chemical Engineer and Mathematician.

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