Why Aren’t Americans Saving More?

Getting Started with a Savings Account

Interest on most savings accounts are about 0.01 percent which is just 0.01 percent better than keeping the same money in your sock.

Saving for the future implies that you think you have a future which sounds cocky to most people.

When you have thirty thousand dollars in credit card debt, saving ten dollars from each paycheck seems futile and absurd.

Americans like instant gratification. Actually, when time machines become readily available, we’ll be going back in time to gratify ourselves even earlier than that.

With two jobs during the week and a part-time job on the weekend, most Americans blow their extra money on amphetamines and rage medication.

Social Security will be more than sufficient to support us if we avoid medical care, watch our spending and move to Uruguay…

We don’t know why we can’t save the money that millionaires suggest we save.

All of our financial saving decisions can be vetoed by a committee comprised of our children, our car and cruel cruel fate.

Most colleges have stopped taking gravel and string as payment.

Apparently, the culprit is avocado toast…

26 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Americans Saving More?

      1. The third one seemed closer to the truth. How does one save when the little buggers keep you in so much debt? I’d rather just eat avocado toast and not think about it.

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  1. Brutally brilliant. We’re not saving anything for the same reason men aren’t going to college any longer, and globally people are not having babies. We’re tired of the game…and, yeah, with inflation making every dollar we save worth less and less, coupled with Global warming, what future? Everyone is to “woke” to save for a future that may not arrive.

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      1. Did I mention perpetual minimum wage alongside the endless rise in housing cost? College costs? Healthcare costs? While people like Bezo’s are worth trillions and won’t share ’cause it’s “socialist.” Did I mention these things?

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    1. I bought a big couch to put all my other couches on so that the money from all the other couches falls into the cushions of the big couch. Then, once a week, I send someone into the big couch with a pack mule and a snow shovel.

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  2. Why are all financial advisors on radio named Rick? And if they’re so damn smart, why are they spending all their time listening to old women with 97 cats who want to know which one to leave their fortunes to?

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