Why I Had a Tiger Prepare My Taxes

Tigers are solitary creatures so it is unlikely he’ll be sharing my personal information with any of his friends. ♠ Human tax preparation can charge as much as three hundred dollars; whereas, a tiger can be paid in goat carcasses. ♠ No matter how poorly a human prepares your taxes, it is illegal to shoot […]

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Why I Miss Personal Checks

When I used to write several checks a month, I never forgot how to make my signature or what my name is. $$$ Knowing that, with my signature, I could create my own currency, made me feel like a GOD. $$$ The subject line was fun. I could put whatever I wanted there. When I […]

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Planning for your Retirement

Nothing beats an IRA or, as I call it, “Charlie’s Impulse-Spending Fund”… Δ Retirement is much cheaper if you live with one of your kids. Choose the one who paused the least when you asked if you could live with him… Δ In warmer climates, nothing beats living in a refrigerator box. Δ There are […]

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