Q and A on Entomology (Mostly Crickets)

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[Taken from Google Answers]

Will potato bugs bite you? Yes, but only in cases where they are provoked or in which you look a lot like a potato.

How long will a cricket live in my house? Until you stop buying the juice that it likes.

Do crickets feel pain? Not really. So if you need to extract information from one, use sodium pentothal or offer to buy it that juice that it likes.

How smart are crickets? Not as smart as bees or ants but smarter than doorstops or bits of concrete.

What instantly kills crickets? Being sprayed with a mix of vinegar and water will kill most crickets, except for vampire crickets. If you are dealing with vampire crickets, substitute holy water for water.

How do you kill a cricket you cannot find? Burn down your house. Ready the holy water just in case it was a vampire cricket.

What smell do crickets hate? Cinnamon oil. So, spray some around if you don’t want crickets or you want your home to smell like a hippie’s garage apartment.

Where do crickets lay eggs? Mostly in plant stems or damp areas of your home. Pretty futile though because it takes about fifteen thousand cricket eggs to make a decent omelet.

Do crickets sleep? Yes, during the day. And, they dream… mostly about that juice it likes or the occasional nightmare where they are trapped in a hippie’s bedroom.

What does it mean when you hear a cricket chirping? It means you haven’t gone deaf. Congratulations!

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