Random Thoughts about Me Me Me

Moon Knight's Hippo God Mistake Was Deeper Than You Realize

My life would’ve been just a little bit better if no one had ever explained to me what a “cock ring” was.

I get tired of being treated like I’m crazy. My family does it, my friends do it… even the tiny hippopotamus god that lives in my truck.

I’ll never understand women… especially the ones who only speak Italian.

I have no empathy and I feel really bad for people who do.

My bucket list is complete and perfect. All other bucket lists pail by comparison.

If my doctor told me that I was dying and had only two weeks to live, the one thing I’d want to see before I died would be a BETTER DOCTOR.

My most annoying characteristic is my habit of always second-guessing myself. Well, maybe not my MOST annoying characteristic…

As a rule, you have to be an anarchist at least once in your life.

Sometimes a friendly little pat on the behind is just the thing to give you incentive to strive; but, I still think my bus driver crossed a line…

I get kind of tired of people making empty threats and, if it doesn’t stop, I will destroy the universe.

16 thoughts on “Random Thoughts about Me Me Me

  1. “ My life would’ve been just a little bit better if no one had ever explained to me what a “cock ring” was.”

    How do you know it would have been better? Was it a major turning point?

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  2. “ABOUT ME ME ME” — you’re wasting your time. Trump cornered the ME ME ME market long ago. The only question would be, Would he bother to sue you for whatever if he got wind of this post. Anyway, you can count on me not to blow your cover.

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