More Thoughts on Flags

File:Snake Flag of Martinique.svg - Wikipedia

Under the skin we are all brothers, but flags make me your enemy… well, flags and your disgusting food and your RIDICULOUS language.

Flying a flag at half-mast indicates a death… often the death of the guy whose job it was to hoist the flag to the top of the pole.

I pledged allegiance to a flag for twelve years; but, when I needed a ride home from the airport, that flag was nowhere to be found. I guess allegiance is a one-way street…

There are no flags with squirrels on them but, if there were, it would definitely help win for the “Cutest Flag”.

Sri Lanka’s flag is a lion holding a sword. I like fantasy just as much as the next guy but lions are dangerous enough without giving them ideas.

Virginia’s flag has a semi-topless woman with a spear, standing on a dead guy’s body. Of all flags, this is the one that most resembles a 1980’s teen slasher movie.

Some flags have images of other flags on them. It makes me wonder if our universe is simply an image on a higher dimensional flag… and, if that hyperflag has an image of a semi-topless woman with a spear or, worse, a lion with a sword, should we give up all hope?

At some point in Egypt’s history, they had a flag that was completely white. Unfortunately, walking into battle carrying a white flag gave the enemy undue confidence.

In the eighteenth century, Martinique had what was called “the snake flag”. It was four identical snakes arranged in two rows. Rumor has it that Andy Warhol designed it as a teenager.

When the American flag is properly folded, it forms a triangle. Why a triangle? Because that is easier to hide in a slice of pie… DUH.

13 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Flags

  1. Ok, ok, ok … this is a true story and it happened today (and it is randomly connected to this post). So today at Taronga Zoo in Sydney a construction worker discovered the lion cage open. By some terribly coincidence they were having Snore and Roar overnight with LOTS of kids camping in the grounds. Alarm sounded, staff telling kids and parents to run, locking them into the staff room. Fortunately the 5, yes 5, lions were found and returned to their enclosure. Just imagine if you had been that construction worker. You would have been sh*tting yourself

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      1. Unfortunately not. They actually have an alarm for the neighbourhood which sounds and everyone has a special number to call if they sight an escapee. 🙄

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      2. I’d make fun of that zoo but the national zoo, here in the DC area, has had escapes and a lot of animals die from incompetence. We do have more Golden Lion Tamarins than any other zoo on the east coast, though.

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      3. We don’t have many deaths and the last one there they closed the zoo, the keepers were inconsolable


  2. “Under the skin we are all brothers, but flags make me your enemy…” For a second, I thought you were going deep and introspective, but then you hit me up with the sword lion and Virginia 😀 😀 (btw, how do you know she’s a woman?)

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