I am Hunter!

I’m a hunter.  You know… aim, shoot, aim, shoot, aim, shoot, sorry about your car.  Every weekend, I go out into the woods and kill any animals that I’m legally allowed to, plus any poorly-tended livestock I come across.  I AM A SPORTSMAN.  My ball is the bullet; my arena, the forest; and, my opponent […]

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Do You Have a Gambling Problem?

Do you list “Las Vegas” as a dependent on your taxes? When your father gets sick do you try to get odds on his recovery? Is gambling interfering with your work and your work is treating gambling addiction? Do you try to recover gambling losses by gambling? And, when you get caught, do you try […]

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There’s Always a Complaint

Dear Sir or Madame (or, if this is me reading this as I proof, screw you, Charlie!): I’ve long considered your company to be a paragon of quality and customer service, that, ten thousand years from now will be considered by anthropologists to be the the gold-standard for whatever it is you do. I no […]

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