home is where you hang your head

I was born in the house my father built… Every board was nailed in with his own hand. Every roofing tile was lovingly stolen from the construction site next door. Every wire was stripped from an old appliance and spliced together with newspaper and maple syrup. My father, in a space of eleven short years, […]

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Love and Ann

Our love grew more each day. Each business day… then, at midnight Friday, our love dropped sharply off until midnight Sunday. I remember one Sunday morning waking up to find that she’d tattooed two eyes on my forehead. This drove my dog crazy because she didn’t know where to look when I talked to her. […]

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Is it Ironic? (A Little Blue)

Is it ironic to produce a reality show about a group of surrealists? ♣ Is it ironic to get so turned on by choking a chicken that you masturbate? ♣ Would it be ironic to grab a pillow and suffocate Tommy Smothers? ♣ How about if you have a rough time making a smoothie? ♣ […]

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Old Stuff: Pt One

[I’m kind of on vacation this week, so what I’m posting is some of my old stuff from before I had a site] Weapons! With the exception of “balm” and “areola”, is there a sweeter word in the English language? Maybe, but what incentive do I have to find out what they are? Your entertainment? […]

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