Is it Ironic? (A Little Blue)

Is it ironic to produce a reality show about a group of surrealists? ♣ Is it ironic to get so turned on by choking a chicken that you masturbate? ♣ Would it be ironic to grab a pillow and suffocate Tommy Smothers? ♣ How about if you have a rough time making a smoothie? ♣ […]

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Old Stuff: Pt One

[I’m kind of on vacation this week, so what I’m posting is some of my old stuff from before I had a site] Weapons! With the exception of “balm” and “areola”, is there a sweeter word in the English language? Maybe, but what incentive do I have to find out what they are? Your entertainment? […]

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More Snippets

[These are from that Almanac I’m working on… terrifying in their implications!] “… We will all converge… here”, the commander pointed to a building on the map. One of the soldiers raised his hand, “So, where are we, now?” The commander pressed his forefinger down on a point two clicks South, “We are here” “Ouch!”, […]

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10-40-400-40-10: Pain in the Membrane

Pain is our first teacher…effective, with surprisingly little homework… Pain is the first indicator, after we are born, that everything is NOT going to be okay. Look at a baby’s face when it experiences pain… same expression I wore when I first played punch-in-the-balls after someone punched my balls. Eventually, youths split into two groups: […]

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The best time to travel the desert is at night. You can use the stars for navigation; for example, if you look at the brightest star, directly above your head and it gets closer and closer, you are traveling upwards and not sideways, backwards or forwards like you should be. And, don’t think it won’t […]

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