Is it Ironic? (A Little Blue)

20 years later, what do we remember most about Alanis Morissette's Jagged  Little Pill |

Is it ironic to produce a reality show about a group of surrealists?

Is it ironic to get so turned on by choking a chicken that you masturbate?

Would it be ironic to grab a pillow and suffocate Tommy Smothers?

How about if you have a rough time making a smoothie?

Or, maybe explaining to your chemistry teacher that the reason you dropped that beaker of acid was because you took some LSD?

Would it be ironic to kick a squirrel mascot in the nuts? If not, is there any circumstance in which it might be legal? Asking for a friend who is also my lawyer…

Is it ironic for a couple to separate due to a politically charged argument about unions?

Is it ironic to be told not to make jokes about your sister’s broken humerus?

How about when you play poker with your transsexual uncle and he refuses to ante?

Or, when a storm blows the roof off of a topless bar?

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