Something I’m Working on – 4

The Book of Everything and Naming the Beasts “So?”, I asked the Poet, “Are you expecting to have time to read?” “What do you mean?” “That book you packed” “That book”, the Poet said, stopping, “Is reference material” “So, like a Bible or a Book of the Dead?” The Poet began walking again, “More general […]

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Literature Bits

I read Goethe’s Faust in the original German. I don’t speak a word of German so that makes my accomplishment even more impressive. ֍ I told my English teacher that I was a fatalist. She recommended I read The Oresteian Trilogy. I shrugged and went home and read it because, what choice did I have? […]

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The Writing Process

Create new file in your word processor. Save file under descriptive and inspirational name like “My Book”. Write “Outline” at the top of the first page. Stare at blank page for several hours. Rename file, “My Novel” Realize you don’t have an ending so you instead concentrate on middle of novel. Stare at blank page […]

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