From the Queue, Pt 1

[Stuff that’s been put to the back of my queue will be the bulk of this week.  Work’s been busy… sorry] John Lennon said, “All you need is love”. But, when you try to buy it behind a hardware store at eleven-thirty, they arrest you. And, getting arrested is exactly what you don’t need. Another […]

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Your Philosophy Annoys Me (a Poem)

Your attempts to be existential are stupid and provincial and your persistence in justifying your own existence by invoking Sartre is putting the horse before the cartre And, even though I respect Camus I can’t see what he has to do with yus If we discuss philosophy any more there’s the door. Because, if I […]

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Stuff I Used to Worry About

I used to worry about dying young; now, I just worry about dying. I used to worry about going bald; now, I just worry about my hat blowing off. I used to worry about getting fat; now, I just worry that I’m not worried about getting fat. I used to worry about being publicly humiliated; […]

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A Message

I want to take a vow of silence… but, I’d also like to be able to brag about it to others. Piety is useless unless you can lord it over those spiritually weaker than you. Certainly, you are no longer being humble… but, there are other qualities that you can concentrate on. Compassion is a […]

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