The Writing Process

Create new file in your word processor. Save file under descriptive and inspirational name like “My Book”. Write “Outline” at the top of the first page. Stare at blank page for several hours. Rename file, “My Novel” Realize you don’t have an ending so you instead concentrate on middle of novel. Stare at blank page […]

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Still Another Rant

I am blocked. I have been for a few weeks. I’m still writing, but it’s not coming easily. It’s like that old method of execution where they pull out the entrails and burn them in front of the owner…only it’s worse because it’s happening to me. I always worry that maybe it’s because my mind […]

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Why I Write

  I want to enhance and add beauty to people’s lives. Because I cannot do that, I write instead. I have a strong need to share my deepest and most intimate feelings in words that rhyme with “grape” and “cloud”. I’m sure that I can post my writings on-line and make a fortune from the […]

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Writing Tips!

Write every day. If a million monkeys with a million typewriters can eventually produce Hamlet, you should be able to write something that isn’t total crap because–are you dumber than a monkey? Write what you want to write about instead of what the market demands. This way, you can keep your integrity, which can be […]

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