This is from my People of the Middle Ages section: Mathematician and astronomer, Aryabhata. The Polemic Histrionics of Aryabhata

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Q and A, Part 2: Science!!!

Like the flu, or junk mail, here is another list that you’ve been given but never asked for.  Do not judge me too harshly… mostly because I can be REALLY vindictive… Q. What species of animal can move the fastest? A. That depends entirely upon how aerodynamic it is and what type of cannon it […]

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Some Calendars of Note…

Coptic Calendar: This is a liturgical calendar; in fact, when people first see it, they usually say something like “Damn but that’s liturgical!” or “I thought the Ethiopian calendar was liturgical but, compared to this one, it’s downright pre-Columbian”. The Coptic Calendar might seem pretty cool, but it is just the old Egyptian calendar with […]

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Astronomical Events that are Duds

Supermoon: A full moon that is one seventh bigger. If you are the kind of a person that keeps REALLY good track of how big the moon it, surprise! It is fourteen percent larger. Fun fact: One seventh, rounded to the nearest integer is ZERO!!! Comet: First, the hype: “It will be spectacular! Maybe even […]

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