9 thoughts on “Aryabhata

  1. Ancient India believed that writing(or reproduction of the material) is an insult to content, be it religious, mathematical, astronomical.. it might also be because writing was painful(palm leaves for example) before paper came into prominence.
    Now, given that you need to keep it oral, the best way was to do it in verse with its structure and meters that act as error checking codes. Redundant but harmless words were inserted in some verses for additional error checking. If you see Shloka (Sanskrit verse) chanting videos, there is a rhythmic movement of the bodies of the one chanting, if the rhythm and the words go out of sync, you would immediately know you committed an error.

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  2. That was really interesting … not the maths bit of course, but the rest was kind of neat and if I ever decided to have another kid, which I won’t, I’d name it after him … if I could spell it, which I can’t 😊

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  3. Very interesting, of course, but the humor was not lost on me:
    ” I’m kidding, of course… you should see your face right now.”
    “And, studying where those celestial objects have been, Aryabhata could predict where they’d be in the future… just like, seeing your brother’s car overturned in the back yard is a sure indicator he’s lying naked on the front lawn with a gin bottle in his hand.”
    So funny 🙂

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