Still Another Rant

I am blocked. I have been for a few weeks. I’m still writing, but it’s not coming easily. It’s like that old method of execution where they pull out the entrails and burn them in front of the owner…only it’s worse because it’s happening to me. I always worry that maybe it’s because my mind […]

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Some Sanguinary Thoughts on Blood

If there was ever something you really want to keep all to yourself, it’s your blood; in fact, your blood being outside your body is a good indicator that something is very wrong. Except menstruation. That’s simply a normal natural phenomena that no one talks about or acknowledges… and is considered unclean by hundreds of […]

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Life Hacks…Then Spits

You can save money on window cleaner by mixing some vinegar and water in a spray bottle and using that solution to clean your windows. You can save even more money by NOT cleaning your windows… because, when a window gets dirty enough to become opaque, it simply becomes a wall… When you travel, wrap […]

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Lurid Facts about Blood

You have enough blood in your body to feed over seventy-five thousand mosquitoes; knowing this, I imagine you’ll still selfishly keep it to yourself for the most part… Mature red blood cells do not have nuclei. This is why they are constantly being laughed at by amoebae… Dogs have at least twelve blood types. DNA […]

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