The best time to travel the desert is at night. You can use the stars for navigation; for example, if you look at the brightest star, directly above your head and it gets closer and closer, you are traveling upwards and not sideways, backwards or forwards like you should be. And, don’t think it won’t […]

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Things I Hate that are Yellow

Banana: The banana looks like no other fruit. And, when something looks nothing like anything else that it is, it probably isn’t that (if you read that sentence backwards it actually makes MORE sense). My theory is that those black dots that go the length of the banana are a spine. It bruises when you […]

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Why I’m Glad

I’m glad that Cyndi Lauper is still out there protecting us from psoriasis. I’m glad that I can spend time with my sons despite their restraining orders. I’m glad I’ve got my health. I just wish it wasn’t poor health. I’m glad that Willy Nelson is still out there protecting us from Cyndi Lauper. I’m […]

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Another Mindless Rant

Astronomers keep finding planets around other stars; and, if you believe them, I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you. It’s my bridge… I’ve got a receipt. The guy who owned it didn’t need it anymore because he bought himself a catapult. Most of it is in my backyard, but, I’ve got a few […]

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