Auto Travel Tips

When traveling long distances make frequent stops and take frequent rests. The stops can be at a restaurant or a rest stop. If there isn’t a lot of traffic, one can take a quick nap behind the wheel between exits. Remember, if you dream about having an accident while sleeping behind the wheel, it might […]

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I’m Humble About this List on Pride

The best definition of “pride” is self-satisfaction turned violently outward. Aristotle felt that pride was a virtue instead of a sin. Not only was he comfortable with that opinion, he was pretty smug about it. Parents usually say that they are equally proud of each of their children… often with a straight face… Milton hinted […]

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Your Child and Violent Video Games

Limit your child’s game-time to his waking hours. Tell your child that, if he cannot control himself after playing violent video games, he won’t be allowed to see Cannibal Holocaust that evening. Discuss the age-appropriateness of your child’s video games with parents that actually care how their children turn out… If your child breaks his […]

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Child Discipline Tips

When you say, “no”, stick with it or your children will not respect you. On the other hand, if they don’t respect you, you can’t be their role model and it follows that you cannot be blamed for how they turn out. Never yell at your children in public; however, it IS okay to yell […]

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Advice I Gave to my Son

After marriage, your wife WILL get a lot fatter… unless she’s a vegan, in which case she will get a LOT crazier. Learn a sport, like basketball or football, and play it well into middle-age; because, doctors who replace knees need to eat too. Changing your own oil is easy and saves you money. The […]

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