More Relationship Tips from a Divorced Man

It's Confirmed: Going To Bed Angry Actually Makes It Worse, Says Science |  HuffPost Canada Life

Never go to bed angry. Discuss your issues with your spouse until you both come to the realization that you’ll never be compatible; then, you can go to bed sad.

Sometimes you need to do something your spouse likes. This might be a baseball game; or, a nice drink at an upscale bar where your spouse calls your waitress a “whore” and throws chairs and centerpieces until the police show up and tase her into a reasonable state of docility.  She’ll sleep tonight…

Be respectful of your spouse’s hopes and anxieties; but, phobias are fair game for you to exploit. You can’t completely disarm yourself.

Ask her about her day. If she can feign enthusiasm you can at least feign interest…

You can share in the traditional tasks your spouse does except for crushing your spirit. That’s specialty work!

Most marital fights are about money and almost never about having too much of it.

Remember that marriage is a two-way street; but, try to resist the urge to grab the wheel and steer into on-coming traffic.

Always present a united front to your children: Don’t contradict your spouse until he or she has left the room.

Remember the things that attracted you to your spouse in the first place; and, reflect on how saggy those things are, today.

After thirty years of marriage, it is perfectly okay to feign some degree of deafness.

21 thoughts on “More Relationship Tips from a Divorced Man

    1. They each have their pros and cons. I was married for about twenty-five years. But, if I told you everything I know, you’d scream and avoid people for the rest of your life. Actually, not a bad idea…

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