Random, Queen of Thoughts

Never have more on your plate than will fit in your lap. ☼ There’s a time and a place for obsessing about vegetables; and, that time is always and that place is radishes. ☼ If you are going to say something but are not sure if it’s intolerant or mean, just replace every other word […]

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Dr. Seuss in the Time of Covid 19

[I was talking to James in his comment section and this came up… Thanks!] The Cat in the Hat Stays Home Horton Hears a Who from a Safe Distance I Had Trouble Getting to Salla-Salloo Because They Cancelled All Unnecessary Air Travel Hop on Pop: Emergency CPR Techniques for Children The Butter/Water/Toilet Paper Battle Book […]

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Survival Tips

If all you have to drink is sea water, try to strain out the salt with your tongue and teeth. If you are lost, follow the North Star. If you follow it far enough you’ll be able to ask Santa Claus for directions. You can fashion a stone ax by chipping an edge into a […]

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