Survival Tips

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Has eaten the crickets… now must kill Buddy Holly

If all you have to drink is sea water, try to strain out the salt with your tongue and teeth.

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If you are lost, follow the North Star. If you follow it far enough you’ll be able to ask Santa Claus for directions.

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You can fashion a stone ax by chipping an edge into a rock with a heavy tool… like, say… a metal ax.

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Only an experienced sailor should attempt to take a makeshift boat off of an island into the open seas. If you must make an attempt, take your most edible friends with you.

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If your boat capsizes and you are stranded at sea, remember that the two most likely killers are drowning and hypothermia. The two least likely killers are rabies and laughing yourself to death.

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Grubs and insects are edible and nourishing. Of course, there’s always the danger that you’ll get hooked on them and, after your rescue, you’ll start sneaking them at night after your family’s gone to bed.

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If you are bitten by a snake, carefully note its markings and license plate so that you can exchange insurance information later.

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Snares and dead-fall traps can be used to catch animals for food, although any animal that would get trapped in anything you’d whip up is probably disoriented from disease and should be left well alone.

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Building a shelter is one of the most important things that you will fail miserably at.

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If you have the strength and endurance to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, then, you’ve probably already killed your way back to civilization.

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You can create a makeshift fishhook out of a paper clip. You can create a makeshift fish by whittling a rabbit down and adding a tail made of oak leaves.

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22 thoughts on “Survival Tips

      1. You really do need to come to Australia. White pointers and salt water crocodiles. So much fun for the land lover šŸ˜Š

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      2. I have my time in Florida to remind me why I don’t like living with dangerous reptiles… And, alligators are small potatoes compared to the crocs you have over there, Deb…


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