I Hate Writing Poetry: A Poem

32 thoughts on “I Hate Writing Poetry: A Poem

  1. Seriously this is a contender for Chelsea’s worst poetry contest. You have to enter now Charles, there’s an onus on you now.

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  2. You have spoken for so many of us who also hate writing poetry. I denied it for so many years. I didn’t say anything for fear that people would judge me. But you have given me the courage to finally come out of the caesura.

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      1. And I’m like, “What the heck is meter? If it rhymes, that’s good. That’s a good poem if it rhymes…..” I follow a couple of blogs that are poetry based. And a lot don’t rhyme – so, you know, I’m kind of lost. I guess I am at the preschool level of poetry. I still like the rhymes of This Old Man or B-I-N-G-O.

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      2. I’ve got a book of humorous verse. It’s got stuff from Lewis Carroll and Ogdan Nash. I used to read it to my boys when they were younger.

        It all rhymed…


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