Random and Random of Beverly Hills

A female goat is called a “nanny”. A young attractive female goat is called an “au pair”… Studies show that left-handed people die earlier, on average, than right-handed people. The primary reason for this is that left-handed people don’t live as long. Dance is just your soul trying to express itself by crushing someone else’s […]

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A Lust for Lists…a List of Lust

Lust is the only deadly sin that will make me lie down in the back of a Corolla… Wanderlust makes a person leave their significant other. Plain old lust is what makes them come back. Indian guru Osho once said, “In love the other person is important; in lust, you are important”… then, you have […]

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American Goats!

Texas has more goats than any other state. Texas has more Texans than any other state. Guess which ones the rest of us are most worried about… You can rent goats in the United States to clear tall grass and shrubs during forest fire season. The fact that you can probably rent them for other […]

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