Fun Facts about Halloween

“Halloween” is short for “All Hallow’s Eve”. “All Hallow’s Eve” is short for “Frank and Doris Covington Smythe Proudly Present All Hallow’s Eve”… ☻ Every year, candy companies sell around six hundred million pounds of candy for Halloween. That number doubles if you include the candy that people buy for Halloween two weeks before but […]

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Fun Facts About Werewolves!

Wolf’s Bane was considered an effective cure for being a werewolf. It is deadly poisonous but, if taken as directed, it could also be deadly poisonous… Werewolves have been part of folklore since the time of the ancient Greeks; in fact, the word “lycanthrope” is derived from “Lycaon” who, according to Greek legend, tricked Zeus […]

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Halloween Tips

Make your children’s costumes as dark as possible so that drivers cannot purposely run them over. Sexy costumes have a time and a place. The place is a party comprised of adults. The time is when you aren’t three hundred pounds, bald and with a rash down the lower half of your body. There is […]

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