Fun Facts About Werewolves!


Wolf’s Bane was considered an effective cure for being a werewolf. It is deadly poisonous but, if taken as directed, it could also be deadly poisonous…

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Werewolves have been part of folklore since the time of the ancient Greeks; in fact, the word “lycanthrope” is derived from “Lycaon” who, according to Greek legend, tricked Zeus into eating one of his children, to prove Zeus was not all-knowing. When Zeus found out, he turned Lycaon into a wolf to prove that Lycaon’s judgment was stunningly bad… Cogito ergo wolf.

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If a wolf is bitten by a werewolf, then, every full moon, that wolf turns into a really superior wolf.

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The first werewolf movie starred Lon Cheney Jr. (son of Lon Chaney Jr Sr). A silent movie called, “The Werewolf” premiered decades before that, but because the title character rises from her grave after a hundred years, this makes her either a zombie or a mummy, depending up what she was dressed in when she was buried…

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Don’t think werewolves aren’t evil. Often, they maintain a human family, during those times they are in human form; and, a wolf family, for those times when they have changed to a wolf. The ruse usually works on the human family but a wolf wife gets suspicious that her husband only comes home during full moons.


In most states, bigamy laws do not apply to werewolves.

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A celebrated werewolf incident occurred in 1640, in the town of Greifswald, in what is now Germany. What is odd is not the large numbers of monsters in the Greifswald affair but the fact that Germans celebrated werewolf incidents. How bad does your life have to be to celebrate your town being overrun by lycanthropes?

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Drinking water out of a wolf’s footprint was considered one way to become a werewolf. I can’t imagine that being very common, but epidemiologists blame HIV on sex between humans and monkeys and Ebola on eating bats, so what the HELL do I know?

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Another way of turning yourself into a werewolf was to wear a belt made out of a wolf skin; but, if you didn’t also wear the matching shoes, you just looked stupid.

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According to one study, there have been thirteen cases of lycanthropy since 1850. According to common sense, there have been thirteen fewer cases than that.

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In 1853, Manuel Blanca Romasanta admitted killing over a dozen people while under the delusion that he was a werewolf. Although it failed as a legal defense, Queen Isabella II commuted his death sentence because there were so few “clinical lycanthropes” available for study. Although, as it turned out, it wasn’t Queen Isabella II but a werewolf who was under the DELUSION she was Queen Isabella II.

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A person could also be cursed into becoming a werewolf… sometimes their entire bloodline… and, anyone could do it… you didn’t even need a license. They didn’t have the power to, say, curse the drought so crops would grow or curse small pox so their children didn’t die; but, they could make werewolves… and, if they had a candle and a mirror, summon Bloody Mary…

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  1. I was in high-school when I first saw An American Werewolf in London. For reason I cannot explain I was positive I’d be a chick magnet if I could master the werewolf full moon thing.

    BTW: I’m still working on it.

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