A Poem and an Announcement

Another hundred followers and you know what that means:  Another chapter of The Moosehead Stratagem.  Love it or hate it, this is the last chapter I wrote so it will be moot afterwards.  It might be moot, now.  I’ll check the meter…   Holistic Meds and Anti-Vax Dreads Some people prefer to meditate instead of […]

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Republican Ideas for Healthcare Reform

  Allow people to buy insurance across state lines provided they can get sick in both states. Emphasize preventative care, mostly by raising your voice when you tell the working poor: “You also can’t afford PREVENTATIVE CARE”. Reduce the requirements to become a medical doctor to watching six episodes of Quincy. Make the entire hospital […]

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Greatest Advances in Medicine

Trepanning: When a caveman got hurt, they were pretty ineffectual… yelling, “Do something! Anything!”. And, trepanning definitely counts as “anything”. Trepanning is the act of boring into the skull, which most people needed like a hole in the head. What’s most surprising is not that early man bored holes in the cranium to treat conditions […]

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