In Praise of Blackmail

I am a blackmailer; and, I am a saint. You know, you hear a lot about the concept of “blackmail”, but you never see a sincere discussion as to its merits. Most people see blackmailers as shadowy sinister people who lurk in the underbelly of society. That is stereotyping and it has to stop. Yes, […]

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An Additional Rant

Recently, I was watching a program about illegal drug use in Portland, Oregon. You know, one of those shows where the narrator’s every utterance is the voice of doom. He said, “This is Portland” with the same grim morbidity one might use in describing a new strain of HIV that is transmitted by reading someone’s […]

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For Sale: The Root of All Evil

How can we make United States currency more popular? It USED to be very popular… the preferred money of black marketers and prostitutes of all nations great and small. But, those were our glory days. Over the last four decades, we’ve tried everything to SELL the love of the dollar: We took the plainest most […]

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