The Unerring Accuracy of Photons


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One of the most beautiful naturally occurring objects is the photon. They are born inside stars when a hydrogen atom lays its eggs. Two hydrogen atoms mate to form a helium atom and once consummated, they mate for life. But, the photon has a long journey ahead of it. Because it has to fly across the galaxy, all the way to the Earth, where the photon finds a retina to host it. This is AMAZING because the photon starts heading for the retina BEFORE the Earth even forms. So, from BILLIONS of miles away, these photons manage to hit a target only an inch or so in diameter that DOESN’T EVEN EXIST, YET. That would be like riding a bullet, aiming at another bullet, then getting hit in the retina by a photon.

There is a synchronicity to the universe. An intelligence that ensures that your bread WILL fall butter-side down and that your youngest son WILL wreck your car within six months of getting his license. But, the universe is not malevolent: It is simply protecting itself. The universe feels threatened and, accordingly, is “standing its ground”. It just seems malevolent because it made Peter Gabriel go bald all of the sudden so that he looks like the lead singer from The Presidents of the USA.

Image result for godiva logoIf you want to know just how malevolent-seeming the universe is, look at Godiva chocolates. I bought something from them over the internet years ago and now they are acting like my crazy ex-girlfriend, emailing me every day, trying to get me back. Every day is a new limited offer. I see “25% off selected items” but, my brain hears, “What did I do wrong, baby, and how do I get you back?”. Sure, it’s a company, but it is just as alive and intelligent as your average photon. I’d like to tell them the truth: I just cannot bring myself to pay two dollars for a piece of chocolate smaller than my thumb no matter HOW many naked ladies are in their logo…

Because, when you get right down to it, it’s all about money. Do I spend money on overpriced chocolate, or do I get a sun lamp for the long winter I see ahead? Something to throw the entire spectrum into my depressed being so that I either become less depressed or at least more tanned. Why do we need additional light sources in the winter time? The Sun is always giving birth to more photons and they leave the Sun for a mere six minute trip to Earth. But, sometimes the photons miss.

Baldness, on the other hand, is inevitable…

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  1. It’s a matter of perspective and interpretation. I have hair, but it is really thin and fine. My hair falls out or breaks pretty easily that it gets tangled or just find it in everything. Even when I wasn’t there or didn’t do anything, you can find it. Like this one time ages ago when my husband was taking care of the baby so I could actually get some rest. He was the only one to change her nappy for the whole day and yet there was an point when he found one of my hairs in her nappy. Long strand of brown hair. So… yeah. Sorry about that. My hair doesn’t look thin all the time, it’s really how I might wear it on a particular day. (To hide my horns)

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