Revenge of the Mistaken Dragon

We had a sweet life when we first moved to Virginia; but, one day my parents didn’t come home. Vowing revenge on whoever did it, I left for Japan that very evening and, when I got there, I found the greatest martial arts teacher there. It took six months to persuade him to take me […]

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Immutable Truths

Before seeking revenge, first dig TWO graves. That way, if your revenge is cutting the other guy in half, you’ll be all ready. ● The bigger they come, the harder they hit. ● The teacher for your hardest subject will be the one with the thickest accent. ● It takes a big man to admit […]

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More Rules to Live by

The more arrogant the speaker, the more punchable the face. Two can live as cheaply as one and three quarters. Time really flies when you are about to be executed. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good; it’s an iller wind that blows your trash cans into your koi pond. You can catch […]

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