Why I Had a Tiger Prepare My Taxes

Tigers are solitary creatures so it is unlikely he’ll be sharing my personal information with any of his friends. ♠ Human tax preparation can charge as much as three hundred dollars; whereas, a tiger can be paid in goat carcasses. ♠ No matter how poorly a human prepares your taxes, it is illegal to shoot […]

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[Photo courtesy of Deb Whittam] Sometimes I hate how stupid and shallow others are and how much they look and act like me… ☼ Sometimes I think I second-guess myself too much; but, then I realize that I don’t… ☼ Sometimes I think yogurt is just someone trying to explain away leaving the milk out […]

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This Day in History: July 29

  William Powell born on this day in 1892, the first act of a desperate man. Known primarily for the Thin Man series of moves, he managed to carry off his screen persona as a tough guy despite the fact that he weighed no more than a toddler.   Hague Convention treaties were signed on […]

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How to Avoid Shark Attacks

If you are in the water, steer clear of fishermen. If you are not in the water, steer clear of fishermen, anyway. If fish or turtles behave erratically, get out of the water. What is erratic behavior for a turtle? I’d imagine it would be running really really fast or trying to buy liquor without […]

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