[Photo courtesy of Deb Whittam]

Sometimes I hate how stupid and shallow others are and how much they look and act like me…

Sometimes I think I second-guess myself too much; but, then I realize that I don’t…

Sometimes I think yogurt is just someone trying to explain away leaving the milk out all night.

Sometimes I wish I were transparent because I get tired of having to move when people want to see something behind me.

Sometimes I think that life is passing me by and I’m grateful that it isn’t knocking me down and trampling me.

Sometimes I look back amazed at how much of my life I’ve wasted reminiscing.

Sometimes I see the death and pain of those around me and I wish I’d NEVER bought that tiger…

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed thinking about all of my faults; but, then I realize it is my faults that make me interesting, unemployable and unloved…

Sometimes I feel that my family has unrealistic expectations of me just because I can destroy solar systems using only my thoughts.

Sometimes I write checks that my butt can’t cash. I keep forgetting that my butt needs two forms of photo-ID…

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