My Mystery, Cha Eleven

There was a long pause between Kossov’s knocking and the head butler answering the door. He didn’t seem surprised to see the Russian doctor. “Yes sir”, he said as he opened the door. “Is the head housekeeper in?”, Kossov asked. “I’m afraid she isn’t. You see, it’s nearly ten o’clock and from 9-12 she stands […]

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Strange Interludes

One If I had to choose an iconic symbol of my childhood, and I wasn’t allowed to pick that game of old maid I once played with Squeaky Fromme, I would choose the old sycamore tree that stood at the top of Wilson Hill. The tree overlooked Wilson Creek just at the end of Wilson […]

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Trees I Hate

  Long Needle Pine: Long needle pines provide no shade and their wood oozes a bad smelling glue; plus, I don’t trust a tree without lower branches. If I get a kite or model rocket stuck fifty feet above the earth, a mature long needle pine has so few branches that it is almost impossible […]

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