I’ve Got the Hots for Random Thoughts

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I thought my son was singing jazz scat in the next room but he was just falling down the stairs.

Surgery should always be a last resort, but if your appendix is about to burst, you should page through all your other resorts as quickly as possible.

Technically, is it still a “self-help book” if someone loaned it to you?

I think that everyone needs a life-long enemy to keep you centered around a common theme and to put the rest of your life into perspective. That enemy, for me, has been television cooking show personality Jacque Pepin.

Experts say that the holidays are the most likely time for suicide… specifically, during yet another performance of the Nutcracker ballet…

An onion roll saved my life once; but, I won’t bore you with the details.

I’d be the angriest man who ever lived if I’d ever lived.

If you are listening to bossa nova versions of 1970’s classic rock tunes, it isn’t a sign that you’ve given up; but, it is a sign that you are ABOUT to give up.

They call it a ripe old age because, by the time you get there, you are out of your tree.

No one likes a know-it-all; but, if everyone hates you already, have at it.

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