Fish Think

I got the idea from River’s World.  Yeah, it’s a little weak but I thought, “what do I care?  My readers deserve nothing from me”  But, I was immediately sorry when my readers left the room in tears.  I was confused:  Do I follow?  When I follow THAT never helps things… but when I DON’T […]

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Why I’m Mad

I get mad when someone puts the milk back in the fridge with only a few drops in it. If it turns out it was me, I still get mad but I keep it to myself… I get mad because youth is wasted on the young; but, anyone can get old age if they are […]

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Stupid Stupid Worms!

After a rain, worms come out for a look then, we grab them and put them on a hook. . Sadly, it is their fate to be bait. . A smarter creature would stay in bed, why does the worm go out instead? . Because a worm will never lorm…  

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