Change in Policy

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Okay, I’m going to get real for a moment.  No, I’m not going to ask for donations or a kidney (but, if you have one you aren’t using, I’ll take it).

I set a goal of getting a hundred followers before I stop posting daily; and, that goal was attained, yesterday.  I have gone over 120 days posting new material, of various quality.  So, I won’t be posting on the weekends, anymore… kind of a slow time anyway.  This will hopefully boost the quality of what I’m producing and also give me time to finish a project I’m working on:  A robot Theodore Roosevelt that solves murders.  IT WRITES ITSELF… at least I HOPE it does because I don’t have a CLUE how to write something like that…

Accomplished writing goals:  Got work published on someone’s website; got paid for writing humor; won humor contest; got published on paper by periodical; and, sent death threat to Desmond Tutu.  I’ll keep my future goals to myself because that makes them a lot more elastic.

I appreciate you folks reading my work and I hope to continue for a long time.  My name is “Charlie”.  Feel free to use it when you comment.

10 thoughts on “Change in Policy

    1. That, my dear, is long gone… as is the contest. I still have access to the stuff I published on someone else’s site. The guy’s enthusiasm was compelling. So, he gave me my own six part series.

      Wanna see one?


      1. Hey to do you want to do something for my blog? I know its not the be all or end all but I really love your work

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